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Welcome to Church Women United in Virginia 

exec. board, 2018

CHURCH WOMEN UNITED, USA, (CWU) is a national volunteer Christian ecumenical
women's movement initiated and carried out by women in the United States.  It is a movement
 that brings together women of diverse races, cultures and traditions in closer Christian fellowship,
 prayer, advocacy, and action for peace with justice in the world.

CWU engages women representing twenty-six supporting denominations and participating Christian women.

CHURCH WOMEN UNITED IN VIRGINIA is one part of the three parts which make up the movement.
These three parts - local, state, and national - are interdependent and interrelated and constitute the movement that is



The PURPOSE of CWU IN VIRGINIA is to encourage Christian women to come together in a visible community to witness to unity and faith in Jesus Christ, our divine Lord and Savior, enabled by the Holy Spirit,
to go out together into every neighborhood and nation as instruments of reconciling love.

The NATURE of CWU IN VIRGINIA is an expression of the national movement through which Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, and other Christian women express the ecumenical dimensions of their faith.
The FUNCTION of CWU IN VIRGINIA is to deepen commitment to Jesus Christ, His mission, and His church.  Here, Christian women may determine goals, study, speak, and act together on common issues,
and experience community through worship, study, action and celebration.

CWU in VA cooperates with organized groups of church women within the state, and resources and develops local units of Church Women United within Virginia.
We assure ecumenism, diversity, and global community as characteristics basic to the life and work of Church Women United In Virginia, and serve as a vital, creative link between national and local units.

Church Women United in Virginia | 2020